Stakeholder Centered Coaching
 for Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth

I work one-on-one with executives and senior managers who are faced with business and leadership issues and want to make change happen. In a supportive 

atmosphere, I help them attain the professional and personal growth they are striving for, leading to higher performance and better company results. By drawing on 

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, they will experience a leadership growth that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by others.

Who is Marshall Goldsmith ?

Marshall Goldsmith is one of the world’s leading executive educators, coaches and authors, who was inducted into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame in 2018. In addition to

awards receiver from Thinkers50, Goldsmith is also recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for management education from the Institute for Management Studies.

He is ranked one of five most respected executive coaches by Forbes, one of the top ten executive educators by The Wall Street Journal and one of the 15 Greatest

Business Thinkers in the World by The Times. His clients have included over 150 major CEOs.

Marshall Goldsmith is a pioneer in the field of business education and leadership coaching. His success is built upon his practical, no-nonsense approach to

leadership : Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

“Hyperactive and relentlessly positive…Goldsmith’s reputation is based on results.”

Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove, Thinkers50

Stakeholder Centered Coaching : how it works 

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process is a highly effective and transparent discipline. 

The process provides guaranteed & measurable Leadership Growth through enabling 

successful leaders to lead/behave more effectively through positive behavior change that is 

sustained, recognized and acknowledged by others.

Phase 1 : Aspire

During this introductory meeting I will work together with the executive or senior manager to 

articulate his or her strengths and areas to develop. Based on a 'coachability exercise' I

get an idea of whether the executive or senior manager possesses the necessary 

qualities for change (courage, humility and discipline). 

Phase 2 : Behavioral interviews with stakeholders

This session focuses on defining growth areas, stakeholders and rules of engagement. The

stakeholders will be carefully selected by the Leader. I will have structured behavioral

interviews with 10 to 15 stakeholders about the key qualities and growth areas of the Leader.  

Phase 3 : Focus

During phase 3 I discuss with the executive or senior manager the outcome of the interviews and we select the final leadership growth areas.

Phase 4 : Stakeholder Debriefing 

A presentation about the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, the Leader's selected growth areas and the role of the stakeholders is given by the Leader to his or

her group of selected stakeholders. I am involved at this stage, both during the presentation as the meticulous preparation.

Phase 5 : Monthly coaching sessions

The Leader has monthly FeedForward conversations with the selected stakeholders. During these 3 to 5 minutes of discussion, the Leader will simply ask ‘these are

my growth actions this month, can you give me some ideas, suggestions or advice on how I can do better and more effective ?’. I discuss every one of these

suggestions with the Leader, we prepare a new monthly action plan and relay any feedback to the stakeholders. In addition, time is devoted to skills building. 

Phase 6 : Leadership Growth Progress Review

You can't manage what you don't measure. Every 3 months, we conduct the Leadership Growth Progress Reviews. I send to every stakeholder a short survey and ask

them to evaluate the progress of the executive or senior manager. 

Phase 7 : Final Stage

Phase 7 is the final stage. It involves the transfer of knowledge, so the executive or senior manager can improve himself or herself continuously and is able to function

as a mentor and coach him or herself.

Depending on the development needs, the executive or senior manager can choose between a 6, 9 of 12-month program.

No Growth, No Pay

If you choose the 12-month program, I guarantee measurable leadership improvement. International research shows that 95% of all leaders (11.000 worldwide) that

went through the Stakeholder Centered Coaching program became (according to their shareholders) better and more effective. That’s why I feel confident offering a

“No Growth, No Pay” arrangement.

Please inquire about my coaching packages to get optimal results at the best value.