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Team Coaching

In the business context of considerable change and uncertainty, it is crucial to motivate and manage teams for success. Team coaching enables a team to function as more than a sum of its parts by clarifying what the team is there to do and by improving the relationships both within the team and between the team and its external environment.

High-performing teams don't happen by accident. There are no quick fixes.

Every team coaching program starts with a team assessment to determine "where the team is today"                     and "where the team wants to be", including an action plan with measurement milestones. The assessment           tools I use are developed by Team Coaching International      (Team Diagnostic, Team Leader View, Organization View and Team 360° View). However, other assessment tools can be used.

On a monthly basis team coaching sessions are scheduled to discuss and integrate new team behavior,             learn new skills and take new actions to solve team and business issues. 

The completion includes a review of what the team has learned, post-coaching measurement   of             performance and a plan for next steps to improve collaboration and achieve better results.


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