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Marshall Goldsmith TEAM Coaching for Higher Performance and Better Company Results


In the business context of considerable change and uncertainty, it is crucial to motivate and manage teams for success. Marshall Goldsmith TEAM Coaching enables a team to function as more than a sum of its parts. 

High-performing teams don't happen by accident. There are no quick fixes. 

The Team Stakeholder Centered Coaching program is based on years of experience working with successful leaders who were willing to do what it takes to become even better leaders.

TEAM coaching is used to address one or more organizational and/or team needs :

  • A high-functioning team wants to get even better
  • Existing teams are exhibiting dysfunctional behavior - moderate or severe
  • A new team is being formed
  • A project team has organization-critical goals and deadlines
  • The clients is looking for a cost- and time-efficient way to provide coaching to several individuals


Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered TEAM coaching : how it works

To facilitate the team's progress to a high-performing team, we go through the follwoing process :

  • Phase 1 : 2-day workshop

We start the program with a 2-day workshop.

During Day 1, we introduce the TEAM coaching process, we create a very powerful aspirational leadership model, team members guide each other with real life illustrations on improving their professional leadership style and team role with the objective to become a more valuable leader while supporting the development of the team.    

At the end of Day 1, the teams selects one or two team growth areas and each member aligns their own leadership growth areas to the team focus.

At Day 2, we mobilize change by involving team stakeholders and by starting peer coaching. Team members and their peers construct a monthly action plan for improvement in the targeted leadership growth areas. Finally  leaders will become familiar with the seven coaching skills required to accelerate leadership growth.

  • Phase 2 : Monthly TEAM Coaching sessions

The monthly TEAM coaching sessions keep the momentum going in the leadership growth and change process. At the same time the team members learn from each other and share their best practices that are effective in their specific business and organizational culture environments.

During the monthly sessions we will focus on the Monthly Action Plan (MAP) to implement leadership growth and on leadership and team skills development.

  • Phase 3 : Leadership Growth Progress Review

The adage goes : You can only manage what you can measure. Leadership Growth Progress Review provides the leaders and teams with valuable and genuine feedback from the stakeholders on actual progress in leadership and team effectiveness.


Depending on the development needs of the team, you can choose between a 6, 9 or 12 month program.