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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is about developing the capabilities of high potential performers and is more than addressing and influencing derailing behavior. It is an essential part of the leader's  learning process and a form of active learning that transfers essential communication and relationship skills, providing knowledge, opinions and judgment in critical areas.

This approach can help leaders enhance their performance, adapt new responsibilities, reduce destructive behaviors, improve retention, inspire teamwork, align individual to collective goals, facilitate succession and   support organizational change.

Systematic coaching programs, reaching whole cadres of leaders, provide a disciplined way for organizations to deepen relationships with their most important employees while increasing their effectiveness. The most valuable coaching fosters cultural change for the benefit of the entire organization.


(video) All people can change if they want to change.




Team Coaching

Team Coaching helps companies to create and maintain high-performing teams. Organizations need to center their attention to teams and team leaders to achieve better results and do more with less. 

Team Coaching enables teams to improve their performance  by focussing on seven Productivity Strengths or the capacity of the team to achieve great results and on seven Positivity    Strengths that support cooperation, collaboration and the cohesion of the team.


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